Tuesday, July 29, 2014


So so very long away, and I do apologise to anyone seeing this that it has been so long without any updates at all. Four years to be exact, which didn't feel that long while living it, but looks negligent on paper.

I've just been very busy is all. Work, family, everything seemed to take up more time than I even had available for a while.

However, with the imminent release of new Space Wolves, my interest has once again been kindled!


This guy, the guy whom I named my blog after. He has a miniature now, a part of the limited edition Stormclaw release. It was an epic set, and if you got your hands on it, you definitely know the value that you got. The set was a HUGE saving against buying the miniatures individually and it also included two limited edition (so far) characters. One was an Ork, Grukk Face-Rippa. The other was the handsome fellow you see above, Krom Dragongaze.

Now, I was not able to purchase a Stormclaw set myself but luckily I have a friend who was willing to trade me for Krom. 

This weekend the new SW fliers are released and rumour (well, confirmed by photo leaks already) has it that we will get the pre-order for the codex and a Dreadnought multi kit capable of creating THREE different options.


My excitement is building.

And my inspiration has returned.

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